Shinnorie Is Life By Design

Enabling better living through innovations in product design, engineering & science
Meaningful Innovations

Shinnorie strive to make the world “healthier” and more sustainable through our product innovations. We create and harness cutting edge engineering and design technologies to provide both developed and developing countries clean water, air and green energy.


Our products show innovation in action. The results are seen almost immediately. Shinnorie seek to constantly improve people’s lives. Our ingenious sales and distribution processes are committed to social responsibility practices.

Our Technologies

focus on enabling quality life.
Clean Water

We create products built on our patented Nano Fibre Membrane technology to bring clean water to you.
Clean Air

We harness Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) to create products that remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) for cleaner air.
Clean Energy

We generate new energy from Aluminium Air battery. This energy is stabilised into efficient power supply units that run freely without using traditional grid based power supply.

From ideas to reality,

we aspire to create a

true sustainable world.

Shinnorie invests in the research and development of Green Technologies. We want our consumers to enjoy a better and healthier world.

Our OASIS+ products and solutions are aimed at providing alternatives to real world water, air and energy needs, both in the developed and developing countries.

Shinnorie’s Sales and Distribution System is designed based on the circular economy model, where we close the materials loop and transition towards a sustainable business that improves lives in communities worldwide.