Innovative solutions to address

global societal challenges while

stimulating business growth.


OASIS+ is Shinnorie’s direct to consumers product brand that is distributed and sold internationally through an integrated commercial and social enterprise business model. 2016 marks our target launch year for a series of new products under the OASIS+ brand, and together with a new marketing and communications strategy, we aim to educate and connect with the masses towards achieving a more sustainable lifestyle through better design and technology innovations.

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OASIS+Flo’s Portable Water System Here:
  • Industrial filtration system for bottled water (Under Shinnorie)
  • Industrial filtration system for factories (Under Shinnorie)
  • Portable Ultrafiltration system
  • Consumer Ultrafiltration dispenser
  • Heave metal removal Nano membrane system
OASIS+Power ™
  • Solar powered systems
  • Aluminium Air ion generator
  • Aluminium Air ion battery
  • Fragrance spray (water based): Oasis+ branded and OEM to sanitiser / fragrance brands
  • Air purifier with VOC removal: for home use, factories, hospitals, etc
  • Air purifier for replacement market by designing a product that can be built into existing building air-con (Under Shinnorie)
  • Coating liquid: supply for industrial use (indoor, outdoor and public toilets, etc. – Under Shinnorie)